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The Way of the OwlTM

In the mid-1980’s I began a deep immersion into my inner life. As is true for so many of us, this journey was prompted by my need to understand a crisis in my life, and how I created it. For approximately 13 years I worked with a wonderful woman who taught me wisdom from a feminist, neo-Jungian, 12-step perspective.

This work laid a foundation upon which I keep building, and allowed me to understand from a well-grounded, depth psychology viewpoint many of the mystical teachings of my parochial girlhood devotions.

Through sacred psychology I was moved on my spiritual journey into understanding the depths of my peasant roots intricately entwined with reverence for nature, respect for Other sentient life, the timeless presence of the Divine Mother, and the profound Mystery each of us embodies deep within.

A journey of longing, searching, and surrender is a common theme among spiritual Seekers. The Way of the Owl™ offers to women and men a path of exploration into the deeper spiritual realms of life. This perspective is devoted to learning the receptive, intuitive ways of knowing and being, and understanding the twists and turns that the development of wisdom and soul vision requires.

It is a path which gently insists on the surrender of personal ego, and deference to the way set forth by the soul for the learning in life. Devotion to this path, rather than pursuing desire for personal gain and self-importance, becomes the motivating energy – the honoring of the life force with love.

Early in my personal healing journey I was called to explore the ancient spiritual pathways walked by my Old European ancestors. I was led there by following my longings and dreams, and the teachings given to me by my mother – teachings of spiritual devotion and love for my ancestors.

Each of us has a depth of wisdom and passion for life given to us through our lineage. We need only an opportunity to find it, obscured as it is by the distortions of time, grief, and confusion. I choose to honor my ancestors and the knowledge given to me by offering a contemplative space, and supporting others in their journey of discovery and empowerment.

I am respectful of the many paths of spiritual devotion. Archaeological artifacts have demonstrated that from our earliest human experiences we have sought to be in communion with a Presence greater than we are. The Way of the Owl™ allows a journey of compassion – remembering those who have gone before, understanding your place in your lineage, and the learning of skills that will open your consciousness to deeper spiritual callings.

During two hour sessions, a sacred space solely intended for your healing allows an opening –

  • Learn to create sacred space and ceremony, honoring the practices of ancient pathways
  • Embrace ancient teachings of honoring the mother-child bond and egalitarian gender relations
  • Understand multidimensional perspectives through the lens of energy healing
  • Gain understanding of your energy system
  • Develop relationships with your Guides
  • Explore your energetic sensitivities and learn to open to them
  • Deepen your knowledge of and relationships with your ancestors
  • Relate respectfully with the Soul of Nature
  • Transform yourself so you may open to Mystery
  • Embrace the Beloved

…I swear I will not dishonor my soul with hatred, but offer myself humbly as a guardian of nature, as a healer of misery, as a messenger of wonder, as an architect of peace…
~ Diane Ackerman ~

…a new sanctuary: surrender.
~ Sherri Rose-Walker ~