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When I first met Ilona I was a twisted up, tangled, scared, sick person. She saw me through the eyes of Love…and the healing began. Slowly and wonderfully she has helped me understand Who I Am, always meeting me wherever I am at and receiving me with genuine compassion.

Using her profound intuition and choosing from an array of fascinating therapeutic techniques, she has continuously accessed exactly what I need most to find confidence moving about in this complicated world. She has taught me to know the wisdom of my heart and to speak my truth.

These are precious gifts that empower me everyday of my life. I am truly grateful forever.


Ilona and her work is gentle and life changing. She has made me realize my worth and uniqueness as a person and especially a woman. She is a catalyst for my whole healing process.


Walking on a path with heart with Ilona has brought me more healing and joy than I thought possible. I am grateful for every step.


Ilona’s sensitive, reassuring presence and artful guidance have made deep healing possible for me. She believed in me when I could not. What a gift. I will always be grateful.


Ilona came into my life nearly two years ago when I was struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis. I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve been helped by her clarity and loving energy. Ilona’s guidance continues to help me move toward healing my body, heart, and spirit. She is a truly gifted therapist and healer, and I’m so grateful that our paths crossed just when I needed her most.