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Holistic Counseling

Honor Your Energy, Cherish Your LifeTM

All of us are on a journey in life.

Sometimes it has been pleasant and happy, sometimes it has not. For the times that we feel hurt or confused, we may choose to find a guide who can help us find the pathway through our troubled hearts and make a plan for healing.

With respectful compassion, my intention is to help you learn to honor your energy and cherish your life, especially when that feels difficult.

Respectfully understanding yourself and what has happened helps you to move through your circumstances and come to relate with yourself, and others, from a new vantage point.

Jacqueline Small teaches us that we are spiritual beings trying to be human. I hold this belief at the core of my practice.

There is a Presence greater than we are that will guide us…. if only we learn to ask. I respectfully hold a space for this.

How This Encounter Could Help You…


  • Understand how to listen at the level of your soul’s journey
  • Learn to read the language of your dreams and how they guide you
  • Recognize how you use your energy unconsciously, defensively
  • Learn about sacred and transpersonal psychology, finding the Beloved
  • Embrace compassion and self-acceptance – befriend your Shadow
  • Open your heart to deeper understandings of life’s meaning and purpose
  • Learn practices that will nourish you
  • Uncover familial/ancestral patterns that are affecting your circumstances
  • Become available to the depths of the Unknown in your inner life, where your answers, and your empowerment, reside
  • Develop mindful awareness about your unique sensitivities and abilities

The images we feed ourselves are how we nurture ourselves
~ Marion Woodman ~

…May we choose life.
~ Christine Irving ~