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Energy Healing

Sacred Body, Sacred WorthTM

In 1993 a friend invited me to accompany her to a Therapeutic Touch training. During the course of that weekend, I fell in love with energy work. It was organic for me, so naturally an extension of the work I was already doing – honoring the depths of the inner life.

I continued my energy healing studies with the Healing Touch program of the American Holistic Nurses Association. As I engaged with Level 2B of that training, I discovered Brennan Healing Science. My life was touched, awakened, in a new and profound way. I felt deeply called, and I saw the road of my destiny opening wider.

I began my studies at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing in October, 1994, and graduated in June, 1998. Brennan Healing Science is an intricate system of understanding the anatomy and physiology of the Human Energy Field, its relationship to our beliefs and core psychological issues, the development of distress, and the spiritual foundations of personal healing, growth, and the evolution of consciousness. It is a body/psyche as energy model.

As I have practiced this healing art, my awareness of relationship with nature is an integral aspect of the healings I offer. I work in particular with the energy medicine of trees, serving as a channel for the wisdom, strength, and solace that the Tree nation is willing to give to those who sincerely seek and ask. I work with the energies of plants and herbs, rocks, crystals and minerals, birds, animals, insects, and reptiles. I hold relationship with nature as sacred, and the responsibility to ask for help with a sincere and humble heart as integral to healing.

I am a channel, and open to the presences of Guides and Ancestors during a sacred energy session. There is an aura of profound love and tenderness that surrounds each person receiving a healing/channeling. Words of encouragement, recognition, and guidance are frequently offered from the world of Spirit, and I share these as I hear them.

I believe that we all hold a spark of the Divine presence deep within us. In this way we are a Temple for the Divine, a Sacred Vessel. It is possible to evolve and embrace the deepest, wisest, most loving aspect of ourselves – the Beloved. I invite you to consider opening to that possibility.

I would make of myself a temple

I mean

I would cease pretending

I am something else

~ Jane Mara ~

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