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Constellation CirclesTM

Constellation Circles™ are my interpretation of the profound teachings of Bert Hellinger, originator of the Family Constellations approach to the healing of relationships. Gratefully I learned this with Jamy and Peter Faust.

Constellation work focuses on soul level awareness of our relationships and unconscious contracts, and provides an opportunity to resolve deep personal and intergenerational conflicts and entanglements. I bring to my practice of this art my background in sacred depth psychology, 12-step wisdom, family systems training, and concepts from Brennan Healing Science. I think of it as a form of energetic family therapy.

We all begin our life’s journey in relationship with our families, or our caregivers. We have experiences in our lives from in utero on, and at some point we realize that we need to understand what has happened on our journey because we find ourselves reacting, feeling depressed, enraged, “stuck”.

Constellation work allows an opportunity to “look and see” what has occurred, with gentle support. As new wisdom dawns, a new path reveals itself, and a new freedom to move into our own lives and meet our destiny emerges. We recognize the synchronicities in our lives, seeing that what we have been given, or not given, are priceless opportunities for personal growth, development, and healing.

The simple teachings of the “Orders of Love” are the guiding principles of this work. Our hearts become open again in a way never considered possible. A flow of love begins, thus releasing the potential for growth and healing.

Humility has integrity.
~ Bert Hellinger ~

…leap into your body, your life
into this very day
where there are a thousand ways to know love…
~ Cathy Casper ~

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